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Get your digital card for just 39€ and store it securely in your digital wallet

2 - Contact the golf course directly

Reserve your green fee via email or phone and mention your ParaparGolf membership

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Show your digital card at the clubhouse and start saving after just a couple of rounds

Please note that the discounts offered by golf clubs are not fixed. The prices of green fees vary depending on seasons and various factors specific to each individual club. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee a consistent discount throughout the year, as some other membership cards may claim to do. These discounts typically range from -10% to -50%. 

You can rest assured that holding a Parapargolf digital membership card will lead to savings.

You should always be able to see the discount offered. If you do not see the expected discount, please contact us immediately via email or phone at xs@parapargolf.com or +34 677 804 804.  

Parapar Golf
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Xavier de H2O TAPSXavier de H2O TAPS
14:58 25 Feb 24
It is the best membership card
Xavier LacamXavier Lacam
14:55 25 Feb 24
Super content
Parapar Luxury EstateParapar Luxury Estate
14:54 25 Feb 24
Great, it works
Very good, very happy with the card
Kairi KahnKairi Kahn
14:22 25 Feb 24
Bought the ParaparGolf membership card and it's been a solid investment. Easy reservation process with golf courses are kicking in nicely after a few rounds. Simple, practical, and happy with the purchase.
Great service. Got the digital membership for the year and it’s been great! All in your wallet so you don’t have to worry about it, very easily accessible. Great savings too!
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Europe is a treasure trove of golfing gems, and we’re on a quest to unearth every single one. Whether it’s the rugged greens of Scotland’s legendary courses or the sun-soaked fairways of Spain’s picturesque landscapes, we’re there, cameras rolling and drones buzzing. Our videos capture the essence of each course, highlighting the quirks, the surprises, and the strategic intricacies that every golfer should know.

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